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Remembering Sister Lillian Marie McLoughlin
2017 Feb 10

Remembering Sister Lillian Marie McLoughlin

We are celebrating the life of Sister Lillian Marie McLoughlin. She was taken from us 50 years ago on Feb. 20, 1967.

At 26 years old, Sister Lillian Marie was a dedicated second grade teacher at the parish school of St. Philip Neri Church in Rochester, NY. On Feb. 20 Sister Lillian was on yard duty and keeping track of the children as they played outside. One student informed her there was a fire inside the church and that children were inside. Without thinking or worrying about herself, Sister Lillian rushed into the church. There were no children but she did see the elderly pastor, Father George Weinmann holding the Blessed Sacrament.

She tried to get Father Weinmann and herself out, but they mistakenly went into the confessional instead of an exit. Sadly, Sister Lillian died from smoke inhalation and Father Weinmann died two days later.

The church was eventually rebuilt and reopened as Mother Church of the Diocese of Rochester, Sacred Heart Cathedral. The marble altar at the original church has since been dedicated to Sister Lillian and Father Weinmann.

To celebrate the lives of Sister Lillian and Father Weinmann there will be an anniversary mass at Annunciation Church on Sunday, February 26 at 10:30 a.m.

There will be an anniversary Mass in honor of Sister Lillian and Father Wienmann at Annunciation Church (1754 Norton St., Rochester—the original wooden church) Sunday, Feb. 26 at 10:30 a.m. Bishop Matano will celebrate the liturgy.