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In the Community
Responding to Need in Rochester

Barbara Wright and Sister Evelyn Breslin working together at NDLC

Barbara Wright and Sister Evelyn Breslin working together at NDLC.

In response to urgent needs, Notre Dame Learning Center in Rochester, NY began a literacy program for those learning conversational English and writing.

The center’s executive director, Sister Evelyn Breslin is unequivocally passionate about the center’s programs and cares deeply about the children and adults whose lives are enriched by the work of the center. She is amazed when she stops long enough in her busy day to realize that she has been serving for 47 years in Rochester where she began as a high school teacher. She is proud that SSND established the learning center in Rochester.

Sadly, Rochester is rated the lowest performing school district in New York State and does not provide tutoring programs. As a result, if the center were not in the City of Rochester, many children would not have the one-on-one tutoring they need and adults would not have a resource for high school equivalency preparation. Students, adults, and parents who are truly motivated to acquire a good education seek the center’s services.

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