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In the World - Human Trafficking

Human TraffickingTrafficking in persons is modern slavery, involving victims who are forced, defrauded or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. It is an international evil – between 700,000 and 1.5 million persons are moved across borders every year.

Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat. It deprives people of their human rights and freedom; it is a global health risk; and it fuels the growth of organized crime. It also undermines the safety and security of all nations it touches.

Recent statistics indicate that human trafficking has surpassed drug trafficking and arms trafficking as the most lucrative criminal venture.

Although slavery is against the law in every country of the world, there are more slaves now than there have ever been in human history. As human are trafficked across borders, their traffickers use force, fraud, and deceit.

Many believe that human trafficking is not a US problem, but that is not true.  Human Trafficking is a world-wide concern. It happens everywhere!

Who are the victims of human trafficking?

What is being done to stop human trafficking?

What can you do to stop human trafficking?

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