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Sister Honored as Volunteer of the Year
2016 Oct 31

Asylee Women Enterprise LogoSister Miriam Therese Roncincke volunteers at the Notre Dame Learning Center in Rochester, New York
Sister Miriam Therese Roncincke volunteers at the Notre Dame Learning Center in Rochester, New York.

Sister Miriam Therese Roncincke was awarded “Outstanding Volunteer for 2016” by RSVP Lifespan of Rochester, New York. RSVP is Lifespan’s volunteer program. It connects adults 55 and older to a wide range of interesting and rewarding volunteer experiences throughout the community.

Twice a week S. Miriam tutors second grade math to a pair of girls at the Notre Dame Learning Center. S. Evelyn Breslin with the Notre Dame Learning Center says S. Miriam always adds a special dimension to her lessons.

“Whether it’s a song that she sings to illustrate a point and entertain, or bit of trivia such as ‘where money is minted in the US,’ she always brings an extra piece, outside the lesson, which is both entertaining and educational,” S. Evelyn said.

Many, many children have been tutored by S. Miriam, and each one of those children has left the program with greater skills in math thanks to S. Miriam.

“S. Miriam epitomizes the mission of NDLC to enable children, youth and adults to reach the fullness of their potential through education,” S. Evelyn said. “She is a welcoming, caring person who encourages the youngsters to do their very best. She never gives up!”

In addition to spending time at Notre Dame Learning Center, S. Miriam also volunteers at Monroe Community Hospital. During her time at the hospital she brings communion to patients, prays with them.

“She sits and talks with them, sharing what she has done during the week, tells a few jokes but, even more important, let the patients talk to her,” S. Evelyn said. “She is a good listener.”

At the age of 87, S. Miriam isn’t slowing down and is still sharing her ability to communicate, educate, and encourage youngsters and adults to do their best. The people she works with always know that she is there for them.