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Beyond Borders Speakers’ Tour
2017 Mar 14

Maureen and Freda from Beyond Borders sharing about the work they do

Maureen and Freda from Beyond Borders sharing about the work they do.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are working to share news of their partnership with Beyond Borders to help the people of Haiti.

Team members from Beyond Borders, Maureen and Freda, recently travelled through the Atlantic-Midwest Province to share the work the organization is doing.

The Beyond Borders Speaker’s tour recently made stops at Villa Notre Dame, Academy of the Holy Angels, Villa Assumpta, Notre Dame Preparatory School, Institute of Notre Dame, Caroline Center, and Notre Dame of Maryland University. View photos from the Beyond Borders Speaker’s Tour on our Facebook page.

Maureen and Freda told SSND community members about the work Beyond Borders is doing in Haiti. Beyond Borders is working to build 15 communities and more than 35 schools in Haiti. The School Sisters of Notre Dame are involved with two communities on the island of Lagonave. Recently students at Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) donated the money raised from the school’s “Dress Down Day” fundraiser to Beyond Borders. Maureen from Beyond Borders said the $3,600 donated by NDP will sponsor two families on Lagonave for 18 months.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame community and Beyond Borders are not only assisting individual families but providing support to whole communities. That support is seen through the work at the Matenwa School.

The Matenwa School is a model school in Haiti. Freda from Beyond Borders said the children are taught in Haitian Creole and eventually in French, instead of exclusively French like many other schools in Haiti. She said this is important because the majority of people in Haiti don’t speak French, and schools that teach in French are unable to properly educate most children.

The school also has a garden to teach agricultural techniques, and there is no corporal punishment. Teachers receive regular training and then teachers are then able to help teachers at surrounding schools. This summer students from Notre Dame of Maryland University will be travelling to Haiti to train teachers from the Matenwa School.

Maureen and Freda from Beyond Borders said education is a tool to keep children out of slavery in Haiti. In the schools in which Beyond Borders has been involved, there has been a 20 percent increase in the number of students attending and staying in school.

Learn how you can help the people of Haiti.