Our Sisters

School Sisters of Notre Dame continue to live the vision of Foundress Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger in a variety of ways. Our sisters share the stories of their work and ministry.

Sister Patricia Murphy returns to her roots at the Caroline Center

Sister Patricia Murphy at Caroline Center

When she walks the halls of the Institute of Notre Dame (IND), Sister Patricia Murphy feels right at home. That’s because she first stepped into IND’s building in 1958.

“I had School Sisters in elementary school and had two siblings already at IND,” she said. “I never thought to attend another school. I knew it was a great school.”       

She’s not a student anymore but she still spends her days on IND’s campus. Sister Patricia now helps other women realize their passion at the Caroline Center, a workforce development center-located in what used to be the convent of IND.

Sister Caritas Wehrman: Teaching English

Sister Caritas Wehrman

Sister Caritas Wehrman, SSND teaches Conversational English at St. Therese Catholic Mission Church in Chicago

The students are Cantonese or Mandarin speakers who have had a little bit of English instruction. By finding out their areas of interest as well as their strengths and weaknesses, S. Caritas is able to facilitate their ability to communicate in English. Many of the students hope to further their education or wish to communicate better at work.

Sister Pauline Girodat: Pray for the Living and the Dead

As a retired Sister at Notre Dame Convent in Waterdown, Ontario, Sister Pauline Girodat doesn’t seem to have enough hours in the day for her many ministry activities.

In addition to her prayer ministry, she practices many corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Daily she feeds one of the sisters in the health care area of the building, and she also takes a turn at being a Eucharistic Minister to the sisters in health care. Frequently she transports sisters from the health care floor to other events within the building.

Sister Limeteze Pierre-Gilles Called to Love; Sent to Serve

Sisters Sharon Kanis and Limeteze

Sister Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, SSND made her perpetual profession of vows as a School Sister of Notre Dame in 2016 in Baltimore.

Born and raised in Haiti, Sister Limeteze started thinking about religious life at a very young age. After joining her family in Florida, she met SSNDs who were working with homeless men and women. That encounter, combined with her curiosity about a picture she had seen of the SSND foundress with two girls, influenced her to start thinking again about religious life.