Our Sisters

Waterdown Jubilee Celebration 2017

Notre Dame Convent Jubilee Celebration

On Saturday, May 27 the jubilarians of Notre Dame Convent celebrated their years of service to God's people with family and friends. Mother Theresa established the tradition of celebrating the first Silver Jubilarians, as she wrote on April 17, 1864. These celebrations are a venerated tradition in SSND.

The liturgy was concelebrated by Rev. F. Weisbeck, JCL from Kamloops, British Columbia , Rev. W. Lobsinger, pastor of St. Thomas Parish, Waterdown and Rev. P. Labito, chaplain. Following a festive meal, the Jubilarians and their visitors enjoyed the afternoon together.

Baltimore Jubilee Celebration 2017

Jubilee Celebration at Villa Assumpta in Baltimore

On Saturday, June 3, Villa Assumpta's twelve jubilarians celebrated their 50, 60, 70, 75, and 80 years of service to God's people with family, friends, colleagues, sisters and associates. The class members of the jubilarians from the area also joined in the celebration. The liturgy was celebrated by Rev. Paul Zaborowski, O.F.M.Cap (homilist), Rev. Roman Kozacheson, O.F.M. Cap, Rev. John W. Crossin, OSFS, Rev. John T. Ford, and Rev. Mathew Ekpo with Rev. David Carey as a participant. Following a delicious meal, the Jubilarians and their guests enjoyed the afternoon together.

Chicago Jubilee Celebration 2017

Sisters celebrate Jubilee in Chicago

On Sunday June 2, jubilarians from Chicago and Milwaukee came together to celebrate their jubilee. "We, the jubilarians of 2017, thank everyone who has sparked the flame of our lives throughout these 50, 60, 70 and 75 years of consecrated religious life. We are humbly grateful for your loving and supportive presence, prayer and encouragement. May we together as Community, continue to rekindle and share the light of God's love with each other and those to whom we are sent."