Corporate Social Responsibility

The effects of the present imbalances (in the world) can only be reduced by our decisive action here and now.

Pope Francis, Laudato Si pg 107

Corporate Responsible Investing

Corporate Responsible Investing has economic and political dimensions that provide ways to increase the health of our planet, the working conditions for all employees, and make more accessible many goods and services to all. SSNDs are encouraged to “discern … which urgent and critical global concerns they are called to address, and to respond boldly in unsuspected ways.” LGE   

As educators and as shareholders, SSNDs can extend their influence to the most influential corporations.  They are able to educate, advocate, and act in collaboration with other shareholders, through the Investor Advocates for Social Justice and the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, by addressing a company’s impacts on our planet and our people. They leverage other faith-based shareholders to join them in dialogues with corporate executives concerning social change for the environment and human rights. After delving into the policies and procedures of the corporation’s environmental, social, and governance practices, they request time for a conversation with appropriate staff members. When it is fitting, they may file a resolution for shareholder voting at the next annual meeting.

In speaking to business leaders, Pope Francis offered them a vision of themselves as leaders with opportunities for their business transactions to go beyond just profits, and truly serve the common good. May the SSND engagements with corporate leaders also serve the common good.


Learn more about SSNDs’ involvement in corporate investing and their involvement in working for Social Justice. Sister Ethel Howely, SSND, gives a wonderful testimonial starting at minute 13:15 in this video.
These days, there is much discussion about whether divesting the ownership of stocks in a company with troubling practices is an effective tool in changing corporate culture and practices.  Divestment has had success in some situations. For example, divestment helped to dismantle apartheid in South...

As shareholders and in collaboration with other faith-based groups, SSNDs call the world's most powerful companies to address their impacts on people and on our planet. In order to engage a company in discussions concerning their environmental and human rights policies and practices, we must be...