Spirituality and Prayer

"Prayer is true heavenly food and nourishment for the soul, which will starve without it. It is a remedy for the sick who desire to recover again, joy for the afflicted, strength for the weak, medicine for sinners, delight for the just, mutual support for the entire church.”


Pray With Us

Sister Kathy Schmittgens and Sister Lucille Coughlin wrote a beautiful Lenten reflection as part of the Central Pacific Province’s Laudato Si' Action Platform Implementation Team. They connect Laudato Si’ quotes with readings of the Gospel. Follow along each week with a different reflection!
Preaching on Catholic Women Preach, for the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sister Eileen Reilly, SSND offers a reflection on the gospel's call to "be perfect" through the lens of her ministry with people who have lost loved ones to violence and murder.
This Advent Season, revisit the Integral Vision video - Deep Incarnation - The Evolutionary Journey of Advent.

In Memoriam

Catherine's vocation was inspired by her mother’s love and devotion. She had the courage to believe that one finds a friend in suffering. She valued this gift, not only for herself but as she encouraged others.  Her strong belief in God’s presence taught her to find the way home to where God is...
Sister Alfreda radiated joy. Her conversations were always positive and witty. Prayer was important to her and she had a loving relationship with both Jesus and Mary, which sustained her in her mission of loving service wherever and however she was called to minister, whether in Canada, England or...
Sister Eileen was an avid reader. She enjoyed knitting, especially baby sweaters. She eagerly took advantage of outings, particularly, those involving walking outdoors. Each day after her noon meal, Sister Eileen enjoyed a long walk outdoors with a companion Sister. On December 5, after her noon...