Spirituality and Prayer

"Prayer is true heavenly food and nourishment for the soul, which will starve without it. It is a remedy for the sick who desire to recover again, joy for the afflicted, strength for the weak, medicine for sinners, delight for the just, mutual support for the entire church.”


Pray With Us

As we approach Lent, I wonder what will come. Will we be able to celebrate together? Will we face another Covid outbreak as family and friends come to visit?  
We always try to provide morning prayers for our third-floor sisters as part of a holistic approach to their care.  Recently we have been assisted by Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson, SSND, who comes to the lounge every morning to lead a handful of Sisters in prayer.

SMRBy Sister Mary Roy Weiss, SSND

I like to bake! Whether it’s making a baked macaroni and cheese dish for my friends at Thanksgiving, or a...

In Memoriam

photo of Sister Maggie Buehler on a field of blue
Sister Maggie was a dedicated teacher focused on teaching math and reading in many schools, and eventually became a specialist in teaching reading to students who were struggling. She said, "With a slower pace and persistent work, I have seen a lot of formerly unsure children be able to read and do...
Sister Miriam made learning easy with her songs and ditties, and is fondly remembered by all who knew her. She was committed to and successful in her long life of “Doing all the good that can be done," as stated at her homily by Presider John Mulreaney, S.J.
Sister Claire Marie was a member of SSND for 65 years. She taught grade school, and worked in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction throughout her career. She also served the congregation with dedication, serving on the provincial council and many other ministries including the provincial...