Pray with Us

With hope and peace, we enter into the joy of the Lord!

- You Are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Together we pray with and for each other, we invite you to share your prayer requests with the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Prayer requests are posted internally to our Sisters so as to protect the privacy of those requesting prayers.

Please send your prayer request to our communications team by filling out our form.

Prayer requests will remain on the Prayer Request list for approximately one month, but you can re-send them as often as you like.

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Pray with Us

By Sister Delia Calis, SSND

Augustine speaks often of the inner power of the Holy Spirit, both within each person, individually, and within the Church. as the Body of Christ. In celebration of Pentecost, I'd like to share some of his reflections and prayers....

By Sister Sharon Kanis, SSND

The Holy Spirit is not white.

She is gray.

In the 1980s, Sandy Spencer (formerly of the Mankato Province) used these simple lines to begin her “Ode to the Holy Spirit.” The suggestion that the Spirit represents the...

By Sister Marcianne Bzdon, SSND

Birthdays! I love birthdays, celebrating my own and those of others! 

Birthdays are special — a celebration of new life, marking a new year of experiences and adventures. All the trappings of birthdays bring joy; a cake...