Heritage Library

In this three-part video series, Sister Miriam Jansen, SSND, details the evolution of the SSND educational vision over three centuries. Part 1 - 19th century (31 minutes); Part 2 - 20th century (15 minutes); Part 3 - 21st century (19 minutes).




In this two-part video S. Kay O’Connell, SSND shares about St. Augustine (354-430) and Apostolic Religious Life. In part I she highlights Augustine’s search for God. In part II she looks at his leadership as Bishop of Hippo and ongoing search for God. Augustine laid the foundation for people living in community being of one mind and one heart in God, a characteristic that is essential to the SSND charism.




In the recording below S. Kay O’Connell, SSND shares on Blessed Alix LeClerc (1576-1622) and St. Peter Fourier (1565-1640), founders of the Congregation of the Canonesses of St. Augustine. They gave new direction to religious life, whereby ministry became integral to faith community, another intrinsic element of SSND life and mission.