In Memoriam

Help us remember our Sisters.

In death, we say our ultimate human yes to God. Trusting in God’s power to bring us to the fullness of life, we conclude our earthly life with an act of worship: in the action of death we proclaim God as God, and ourselves as God’s creatures. We are called by God and sent by the community; we go in joy!

- You Are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame
photo of Sister Maggie Buehler on a field of blue
Sister Maggie was a dedicated teacher focused on teaching math and reading in many schools, and eventually became a specialist in teaching reading to students who were struggling. She said, "With a slower pace and persistent work, I have seen a lot of formerly unsure children be able to read and do math.” May Sister Maggie rest in the arms of God.
Sister Miriam made learning easy with her songs and ditties, and is fondly remembered by all who knew her. She was committed to and successful in her long life of “Doing all the good that can be done," as stated at her homily by Presider John Mulreaney, S.J.
Sister Claire Marie was a member of SSND for 65 years. She taught grade school, and worked in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction throughout her career. She also served the congregation with dedication, serving on the provincial council and many other ministries including the provincial chapter, general chapter (1982), and interprovincial spirituality committee. We thank S Claire, may God welcome her home.