Dare to Care

Published Weekly, Dare to Care represents
news and actions you can take regarding the province's five commitments!

Dare to Care - Then to Act

Dare to Care - September 15th 2023

This week listen to this 3-part podcast on Human Trafficking and Disability, and learn about the 2021 US Environmental Protection Agency report describes how climate change is affecting seasonality.

Dare to Care - September 8th

Learn more about the Truth and Reconciliation with our sisters and brothers in Canada, also, please take time to amplify the call of Beyond Borders and other advocates to restore democracy and security, fight rising hunger, and end abuse and discrimination against Haitian and other Black migrants.

Dare to Care - September 1st 2023

This week, make plans to attend a Beyond Borders webinar on Sept 12th, learn about the 16 youth who sued for their right to a clean and healthy environment (and won) in Montana, then join NDMU and the Black Lives Matter Interfaith Coalition's Rally on Sept 10th, lastely, consider attending a Baltimore area gala to benefit the Immigration Outreach Service Center!

Dare to Care - August 25th 2023

Dismantling Racism: Keeping the Dream Alive

An in-person and on-line Dialogue on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the March on Washington:  Monday, August 28, 6-7 pm EDT. Hosted by Georgetown University’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life. C

Dare to Care - August 18th 2023

Join a virtual tour with Sister Limeteze Pierre-Gilles SSND and David Diggs who returned from Haiti last week. Meet some of the people whose lives have been transformed. Read the unbelievable journey of Evelio Menjivar in the Washington Post and join Join Catholic Climate Covenant staff in an online “heated conversation” Monday, August 21st.

Dare to Care - August 11th 2023

Watch “Stolen Spirits: The Dark History of Native American Boarding Schools,” a 4:40 minute introductory video about Native American Boarding schools and the concerted government effort at cultural genocide that has never been acknowledged before.

Dare to Care - August 4th 2023

Please pray for Haitians and all other asylum seekers who have fled their homes due to persecution, violence, or economic hardship. 

Dare to Care - July 28th 2023

This week in Dare to Care, learn about The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake, a powerful story of love and a treasured object connecting the lives of four generations of enslaved women in the American South. Also, learn more about the PFAS that have seeped into waterways and our very bodies.

Dare to Care - July 21st

This week learn about the upcoming World Day Against Human Trafficking and how you can make a difference! Read an opinion piece in the NYT by our Beyond Borders collaborators asking the US to back civil leaders calling for the democratic rule of law.

Dare to Care - July 14th 2023

Read an article by Cardinal Dolan in America Magazine on immigrants and Catholic belief,  watch a documentary on Sr Thea Bowman and dig deeper into Climate Change, Laudato Si’ and the US Catholic Church.

Dare to Care - July 7th 2023

Find out how Indigenous women are disproportionately affected by racialized violence in Canada and learn how you can become part of the solution to plastic pollution!

Dare to Care - June 30th 2023

Learn how racial justice and climate justice are deeply connected, read about Heather McTeer Toney who calls on Black communities to take the lead in calling for climate justice.  Learn about first-hand accounts from a migrant survivor of human trafficking and women religious who accompany migrants facing dangers posed by human traffickers.