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The former Dallas, Milwaukee, Mankato (Minnesota) and St. Louis Provinces became one on June 12, 2011. After a few years of discernment and prayerful consideration, Japan and Guam also joined the CP Province.
A gift to many, Sister Cor Marie was dedicated to children throughout her life, She founded a Developmental Center for academically handicapped children, worked in daycare and Head Start as well as programs for adults. Her 70th Jubilee as a SSND was celebrated on April 25, 2021 and Cor Marie renewed her vows and expressed her gratitude to God and to the SSNDs for the many blessings of her life.
Join the AM and CP Human Trafficking Committees and the AM Haiti Committee for a webinar entitled, “The Year for the Elimination of Child Labor: Challenge and Hope,” on June 14th at 7:00 pm (ET). In honor of the World Day Against Child Labor.
Debra Marie Sciano
On June 12, 2021, the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) Central Pacific Province (CP) celebrates its 10th anniversary. This celebration marks 10 years since the Dallas, Mankato, Milwaukee and St. Louis Provinces came together to become one. Provincial Leader, Sister Debra Sciano, remembers the long process of joining four provinces together.

Start today to explore the ways we can embark on the journey toward Integral Ecology, a holistic perspective and strategy to promote both a flourishing earth and a flourishing human community.

Please watch, YES! Presents: Solving Plastics to learn the diverse ways communities are working toward a plastic-free world—and how you can get involved!” Even more action goodies inside this week's Dare to Care!
Today begins the Novena to Blessed Antonina in preparation for her feast day on June 12.
care for our common home
Becoming a Laudato Si’ Congregation invites us all to embark on a seven-year journey toward Integral Ecology, a holistic perspective and strategy to promote both a flourishing earth and a flourishing human community.
Dare to Care by joining a virtual conference created to inspire Catholics to deeply integrate Laudato Si’ and its climate change teaching into the U.S. Church. Also, read about the U.S. border crisis and join webinars for World Day Against Child Labor, and on Dismantling Racism.
The Academy of the Holy Angels recognized Sister Mary Maher, SSND (AHA ’68), and the Luckow family at this year’s Angelic Evening Gala. S. Mary, who has served as School Sisters of Notre Dame General Superior, now serves on the AHA Board of Trustees, was recognized for her extraordinary loyalty, commitment, dedication, and service to the advancement of AHA.
On May 15, 2021, archival documents from the Institute of Notre Dame (IND) arrived safe and sound at their new home at the School Sisters of Notre Dame's North American Archives (NAA) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
God, in your mercy, show me my complicity in injustice. Convict me of my indifference. Forgive me when I have remained silent. Equip me with a zeal for righteousness. Never let me grow accustomed or acclimated to unrighteousness, Amen
The SEDOS (Service of Documentation and Study on Global Mission) this year took place online from 3 – 7 May 2021 on the theme Living Green Mission, covering three main aspects of Education, Sustainability and Spirituality. Five SSNDs who participated in the seminar share their experiences and learnings.
CTAUN invites you to a special presentation featuring women from the United Nations and select NGOs who prove that leadership is a timeless skill that includes both the vision for change and the ability to carry it out.
"In under-served communities, securing a good job has always been a challenge, and when you add a global pandemic in the mix, it becomes an even bigger hurdle to clear."
There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit” (1 Cor 12:4), as the Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians. He continues: “There are different forms of service, but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone”
Members of the Holy Angels community expressed the Academy’s 2020-21 theme by “Sharing Our Love, Faith, and Hope” on Service Day (May 19).
Dare to Care
Dare to Care this week by reading our post and taking ONE action (or more) to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. Be the Change.
Enjoy this nine-day Novena for Pentecost on the Feast of the Ascension. "let us join those first disciples in these nine days of prayer, a way for us to be together even while we are separated by space, to ask God to make us ready to receive the Spirit and follow unafraid where that Holy Breath of God might take us."