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The year 1833 held three significant events for racial justice: first, the inaugural American Anti-Slavery Society convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1;  second, Britain passed the Slavery Abolition Act, which abolished slavery in all of its territories, including Canada, paving the way for thousands of fugitive slaves from America to seek refuge with their northern neighbors.2 The third event was the founding of the School Sisters of Notre Dame...
August 23 is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition, While reviewing and reflecting on the origins of this day, we may find some insights in Laudato Si’.
Click here to learn about Canada’s ecumenical statement on climate change; to read about the UN’s Global Compact on Migration, and to learn more about the history of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.
Sister Cathy Doherty devotes most of her energy to promoting interracial friendships between students in the St. Louis-area parochial schools.
During the Vietnam War, Sister Justine Nutz helped care for hundreds of babies and young children in Vietnam.
St. Augustine in his rule, which we the School Sisters of Notre Dame have incorporated in our constitution, urges us to honor one another in the community.
In 1982, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) purchased Notre Dame on the Lake, the former campus of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Mequon, Wisconsin.
My classroom was by definition multicultural i.e. black and white students. I knew little of the black culture. I did know that my way wasn’t working.
Sister Mary has served in Monte Verde, a small village in the San Francisco de Opalaca municipality of Honduras, since 2006.
At the annual assembly of the LCWR, Provincial Leader Sister Charmaine Krohe presented a lunchtime session on the province's experience of entering into partnership with an NGO in Haiti.
Click here to join a webinar about helping to end plastic pollution; to learn about the ways the dignity of Native Americans is threatened by plans for a U.S. border wall; to download an anti-trafficking app; and to learn about the successes of our partner, Beyond Borders, in countering child trafficking in Haiti.
“What a wonderful surprise to be reconnected with Bishop Walsh SSND faculty after almost 40 years!"
We feel we are called to witness the love of God to humanity, and, on the other hand, we witness the same love among the peoples of Gambia.
The Refugee Outreach Program is an extension of the Central Pacific Province's Good Counsel Learning Center in Mankato, Minn.
Through my four years at IND, she helped me build my self-confidence at a time when many girls struggle to gain it.
If you are looking for a true-to-life, inspirational children's book, you will find it in “The Little School of Hope,” written by Sister Mary Dooley, SSND.
When the earth heaves and wakes it sometimes brings about untold misery.
Click here for information about the August 9 International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, to learn about the dangers of plastic microbeads, and to find out how AMSSND, in collaboration with Beyond Borders, is working to empower women and girls in Haiti.
A proposal to admit Catholic laywomen as associates in the congregation was presented by the St. Louis province to the 15th General Chapter in 1974.
I am convinced that we have all in some way come face-to-face with God’s Smile.