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Dear Friends of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, As you know, a new immigration policy implemented by the administration of the White House in May has led to a significant increase in migrant children being separated from their families.
On a sunny Sunday afternoon on June 10, former students of Notre Dame Academy in Waterdown, eagerly arrived with yearbooks in hand, wearing their graduation rings and Notre Dame Academy pins. Teachers greeted the now, adult women, and, for some, checked name tags. 
This year I can claim that I have been a School Sister of Notre Dame for 65 years.  For over 50 years I worked as a “House Sister.” So now that I am retired people ask, “As an SSND – what did you teach?” I answer “The Sisters had to eat, too.”
My name is Hedy Ganter. I am a Canadian School Sister of Notre Dame and member of the Province of Latin America and the Caribbean.
If you're of a mind to find — to talk to God, look in a garden. Not an original thought. But if you're of a mind to see a garden made by two of God's faithful servants, try a convent on the edge of Waterdown during Open Garden Week.
Gerardine Delambo, an attorney in Baltimore, and a second-generation alumna from Institute of Notre Dame, Class of ’67, reminisces about her favorite teachers.
In 2014, Sister Paulette Doyas was featured on WBAL TV Channel 11 in Baltimore. The story called her “The Baseball Nun” and told of her total devotion to the Baltimore Orioles

This social justice resource analyzes the gun violence epidemic in the United States using a theological framework. The U.S.

Sister Rita Kittel, the last living pioneer of the former Canadian province and the oldest sister in the congregation, is celebrating her 85th jubilee this year. She will turn 107 on October 1. 
After seeing this wonderful photo on the Archdiocese of Baltimore website, we set out to find the story behind it.
June 20th is World Refugee Day, a day to remember the courage and resilience of the millions forced to flee their homes. Over 65 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes; over 22 million of these are refugees; the remainder are displaced within their countries.
One of the most valuable baseball cards in sports history – a Honus Wagner T206, as it is listed with collectors – was left to the School Sisters as part of the estate of Thomas Callahan, brother of Sister M. Vincent Callahan, a member of the Baltimore Province who had died in 1999.
Rita Barbara Walsh was born In Malden, Massachusetts, a few days after Christmas in 1928, and called Bobbie by her family.

Members of the AMSSND Immigration Committee

  • Jackie Glessner, SSND
  • Jean Fredericks
  • Pat Ferrrick, SSND
  • Peg Regan, SSND
  • Sharon Kanis, SSND

Haiti Committee Members

Teaching English to women in the Asylee Women Enterprises (AWE) program has led me deep into a world in which there is no rule of law. The women I work with have broken no laws.
I was taught by the SSNDs at St. Aloysius School in Reserve Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh.
Sister Eleanor Olinski celebrated her 100th birthday on May 29, at Notre Dame Convent, at an afternoon tea with 35 members of her family along with sisters from her community.
I'm trying to bridge an opposition in my life. It comes in little ways when I hear something I don't agree with, as I try to listen and integrate the questions raised by comments, political discourse, and violent responses.
World Oceans Day and the World Day Against Child Labor are coming up this week – June 8 and 12, respectively. Please click this link for information about the issues and actions you can take.