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DC protest by Sharon Brosnahan
Over the past weeks, it has been difficult to view, much less absorb, the many levels of violence that continue to surround the killing of Mr. George Floyd of Minneapolis. However, denying, ignoring, or disregarding truth contributes to the perpetuation of untruths and the violence that is inevitably used to maintain them.
The cries of Mr. Floyd for mercy, and for breath, resound through our hearts, calling us yet again to repent our complicity in the scourge and sin of racism.
Caitlin Brannigan
AHA junior Caitlin Brannigan just earned the NJ Governor's Award in Arts Education for her short story, "Calamity of Freedom." She advanced to the Governor’s competition after finishing first in the contest sponsored by the New Jersey Council of Teachers of English.
Sister Maria Antonina Kratochwil
June gives us a chance to remember and pray to Blessed Antonina who is our Shalom patron.  We pray the Novena from June 3 to June 11. The days celebrate the qualities that Blessed Antonina lived in her life and death.  
Sister Joyce Lorentz
Love Gives Everything was lived by Sister Joyce. A few years ago she wrote, “As a SSND I find strength and courage to live my vows from day-to-day in union with my faithful companions and friends, Jesus and Mary, through listening and openness in prayer.”
Sister Bern touched the lives of many, she was deeply dedicated to ministry in pastoral care and bereavement. One of her innovative ideas was the introduction of pet therapy and she brought Newey and later Romper to Villa Assumpta and they gave comfort and joy to all! Blessed by her presence among us, may her boundless love continue to nurture and inspire us.
St Augustine
Our very own Kathleen Bonnette, assistant director of JPIC has published a new article in America Magazine on St Augustine and how we can learn much from his insights.
“Every change calls for educational process that involves everyone. There is thus a need to create an “educational village,” in which all people, according to their respective roles, share the task of forming a network of open, human relationships.
carbon and covid

There has been an exponential increase in CO2 emissions over the last century.

We invite you to make use of the following resources on World Environment Day, the effect of Coronavirus and global carbon emissions, and get an update on the Haiti Partnership, COVID-19, and Laudato Si’.
In her 69 years as a School Sister of Notre Dame, Sister Joseph Marie always had a compassionate heart and was ready to attend to the needs of others. She was an advocate of faith sharing, and a gifted teacher of music and singing.
Webinar with Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker
We are pleased to offer a recording of our May 7th Webinar "Responding to Our Climate Crisis on the Anniversaries of Earth Day  and Laudato Si’” with Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker of the Yale University Forum on Religion and Ecology
As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’ (LS) during the coronavirus pandemic, our partnership with Beyond Borders in Haiti helps us see the relationship between persons who are poor and planet-related concerns (LS 16). Although the global nature of this pandemic is obvious, countries like Haiti are expected to experience significant additional suffering due to challenging political, economic, and social conditions.
Though she had always wanted to become a nun, her years at IND with the SSNDs were a time when “the seed God had planted in my soul was nourished and grew.”
Bring solidarity to our world in a shared moment of prayer at noon local time on 24 May. Catholics from all across the globe will be united in spirit because “everything is connected.” #LaudatoSi
Today is International Biodiversity Day! Take a moment to watch a wonderful animation on biodiversity and the beauty of our interconnected world we live in #LaudatoSi5
no new fossil fuels
The Water Committee invites you to read and reflect on their latest resource, “Water in the Time of Covid-19 and learn more about the #Divestment movement!
Learn about Water issues that are exasperated during the Pandemic, here are resources and A Prayer for Water during the Pandemic
Ascension of Christ
Join Dan Schutte in a virtual novena for Pentecost on the Feast of the Ascension. Let us join those first disciples in these nine days of prayer, a way for us to be together even while we are separated by space.
Sister Michaeline was in her 99th year and in her 80th Jubilee year! She was always cheerful and readily assisted others. Whatever she did was done to perfection. She was especially attentive to her spiritual life. The Notre Dame Academy boarders recall that as she supervised them in the evenings, she would be praying the rosary.