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Sister Gemma was administrator for the Generalate community from 1988-1995. Being fluent in Italian, her next ministry was as community leader for the Italian community in Gorizia, Italy from 1997 to 2000. Through the years, Sister Gemma continued to communicate with members of the Gorizia community.
Please enjoy this week's Laudato Si quote, and reflection questions, watch a video on LIRS, Listen to NPR's “On Being for an interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and please read our materials and actions available to you during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
May 12 will be an Angelic Evening, a sparkling night of accolades for two accomplished women who exemplify steadfast support for the Academy of the Holy Angels. Sister Sharon Slear, SSND, and Diane Oakley (AHA ’71) for their commitment, dedication, and service to the advancement of AHA.
These days, there is much discussion about whether divesting the ownership of stocks in a company with troubling practices is an effective tool in changing corporate culture and practices.  Divestment has had success in some situations. For example, divestment helped to dismantle apartheid in South Africa, but it is often the case, that investment in corporations can be a more effective strategy.  How can this be?
January 17th is the day we honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s leadership in the struggle to dismantle racism and to promote God’s vision of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation. As we embrace his struggle today, and as we remember his inspiring words and life’s witness, we invite you to gather with others to pray and share reflections around this prayer service.
Please enjoy this week's Laudato Si quote, and reflection questions, print our MLK Prayer Service, read Climate Change as a racial justice issue, and please read our materials and actions available to you during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
The contemplative approach to praying the Stations is rooted in Sacred Scripture, as you pray the Stations, you are called to embrace the wonder of creation and to reclaim the many ways that we humans do not live in a mutual life-giving relationship with all of creation.
Sister Mary Aveline Smith
Blessed with a long life of service to others, Sr Aveline was very creative and crocheted avidly, every year gifting each Jubilarian with a lovely lap robe.  On May 11, 2021, at Ozanam in Queens, NY, she celebrated her 100th birthday with her community there. Though suffering from poor health and often in pain, Aveline enjoyed her special day very much, as it brought joy to the whole community. 
The heart of the race question is moral and religious. It concerns the rights of [all] and our attitude toward our fellow [human beings].
Sister Doreen was appointed as housemistress for more than 30 junior boarders at Lingfield Convent School, England. The girls, age 7 – 12 years, received motherly care from Sister Doreen, who attended to all their needs outside of school hours. On the weekends she prepared meals with the girls.

The AM Province OPDIC Committee

Please enjoy this week's Laudato Si quote, and reflection questions, read about and take action on Title 42, Climate Change, and please read our materials and actions available to you during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
Sister Lois Zettler served at the Generalate three times: In 2001, 2002-07, and in 2011. Her final time in Rome was in December of 2011 to help with preparations for the 23rd General Chapter. She is currently missioned to Notre Dame Convent in Waterdown, Ontario. Associate Patricia Stortz recently did a Q&A with Sister Lois about her experience of living and working at the Generalate.
The Central Pacific Province Podcast has officially launched a new season of the "Called to Action" Podcast! Explore the new theme of Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace with Sisters, colleagues and Associates. Listen to the first episode of Season 2 on Jan 5 and catch up on Season 1 now.
Fight Human Trafficking
In 2010, President Barack Obama first declared January as the National Trafficking Prevention Month. Worldwide, human traffickers generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by trapping millions of people in appalling circumstances. Learn what you should know and what you can do!
The Sisters at Notre Dame Convent gathered together around the cozy fireplace in the beautifully decorated front entrance of the convent for a holiday celebration just after Christmas.
We have each been born on this earth at a particular time in a particular place with a particular mission. On this World Day of Peace 2022, Pope Francis calls us each to an “art of peace” that involves dialogue, education, and work as the paths to this peace. I wish to propose three paths for building a lasting peace.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Help kick it off by getting informed on Cyber Safety. This would be a great webinar for parents, teachers, and grandparents! This webinar is open to anyone, so help us by sharing it. 

"The earth mourns and dries up. The world is exhausted and decayed. Heaven and earth are weakened. The earth has been defiled by the feet of its inhabitants, who overlooked the laws, violated the commandments and did not keep the eternal contract."  (Isaiah 24: 4-5)
“There is nothing like the international congregation; it is such a gift and such a challenge,” Sister Maureen said. She is grateful to have participated in various programs held during her years in Rome, when Sisters and lay staff came from all over the congregation. “It was as if the world came to our doorstep,"