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Our constitution, "You Are Sent," details what we believe it means to be an SSND at this time in history.
December 16 is the beginning of Las Posadas Navideñas, a nine-day Mexican religious tradition that commemorates Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and on December 18, we celebrate International Migrants Day!

Pope Francis has developed “Twenty Points on Migration” to help individuals and nations understand and uphold the rights of migrants and refugees. It is important to reflect on these points as we deal with the current rhetoric and realities around migration today in America.

Germany -> Baltimore, Maryland -> Camden, New Jersey -> Camelot -> San Antonio, Texas -> Bolivia and beyond
Four School Sisters of Notre Dame and Sister Evangela Wagner, Provincial Leader, arrived at the airport in Tokyo, Japan, on November 28, 1948.
Every two to three years a Shalom International Meeting is held for the purposes of dialogue, planning and evaluation. This year's meeting was held in Munich, Germany, in October.
The liturgical season we call ADVENT has a way, if we allow it, of drawing us into a special dimension of time where despite the noise around us, our spirits and hearts are drawn inward. By Sister Arlene Flaherty
Villa Assumpta is still an integral location for our Province, housing the offices of the Provincial Council and much of the Mission and Ministry team.
When the Holy Angels students who participated in this year’s celebration were about to return to New Jersey, the children wished them a safe trip by singing the Blessing of Mother Theresa Gerhardinger, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
My Aunt Elizabeth, Sister M. Antoine Daniel Knipfing, was a School Sister of Notre Dame in the Baltimore/Wilton Province.
This week, we are featuring content from the Immigration and Human Trafficking committees.
The Wellston Center uses a thrift store-model in order to generate money for a food pantry, health and social services and support for individuals in the community.
The Sisters celebrated 185 years with joy and gratitude on Sunday, November 11, 2018 at St. Margaret of Scotland Church.
Special traditions bring the Christmas spirit to our sisters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi and St. Louis.

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The stained glass windows in the chapel
The chapel fire broke out on Thursday, January 7, 1988, at one o’clock in the afternoon.
For five days during Thanksgiving week, our SSND community of four from Douglas, Arizona, was privileged to serve families in transit from the border to sponsors all over the U.S.
This Advent season discover spaces in your advent journey to ponder the life and blessings of Miryam of Nazareth.
Few of us stop to think that being made to say "thank you" was perhaps our first bit of conscious acculturation. Becoming civilized was and is a matter of nurture, not nature.
This week, we would like to direct your attention to issues involving Water and Immigration: