We are fortunate to have a "100 Club " in our province. Sister Margaret Bauer is the eldest, at 103. Sister Mary Teresia Spodnik is 102. Sister Cabrini Ganz is 101. Sister Marie Anna Moltz is 100, as is Sister Katharine Reiter. Sister Marguerite Mary Bunter is the newest club member - she turned 100 on May 15.
There was a retirement celebration for Sister Sharon Shear at Notre Dame of Maryland University on May 11. Sister Kathleen Feeley shared her reflection on the contributions Sister Sharon made during her 34 years at "the College."
At the AHA Angelic Evening 2022, two women who exemplify enduring commitment to AHA were awarded the Distinguished Alumna Award. Sister Sharon Slear, SSND, received the Legacy Award, and Diane Oakley (AHA ’71) received the Distinguished Alumna Award.
Ministry Services, in collaboration with the Associates, started a new initiative to explore with SSND Associates the possibility of serving on an SSND ministry board. To introduce this opportunity, Ministry Services offered a first-time virtual gathering with Associates who were interested in exploring a possible call to such a ministry.
Please reflect on this week's Laudato Si' quote, read the Council’s statement on the mass shootings in Buffalo, watch The Power of Big Oil a three-part video series on Frontline (PBS), and please remember to share what you have learned with others. Dare to Care!
Provincial Councilor Mary Roy Weiss spoke so gratefully of the date, December 10, 1961, when she, as an 8th grade student at Immaculate Conception School in Secaucus, New Jersey, had the first organ lesson she had requested of Sister Janice." It was not just a musical skill that she taught, she taught me how to worship God through music, to worship prayerfully, and to give generously to others what we have received."
Sunday, May 15, 2022 marked the end of a type of trilogy: Three Sisters celebrated 100 years of birth in May in Ozanam Hall in Queens, NY. In May 2000, Sister Rosalita McNamee celebrated her 100th birthday. In May 2001 Sister Aveline Smith achieved 100 years. This year, Sister Marguerite Bunter enjoyed passing the 100th year mark of her birth.
Last weekend (May 13-15), the United States experienced multiple mass shootings in three different areas of our country. There are times when words fail to convey the impact that grotesque acts of violence have on our souls and our society. The racially motivated massacre in Buffalo, New York is one of them.
Please reflect on this week's Laudato Si' quote, register for the “Breaking the Silence workshop, read the latest Haiti Partnership Updates, remember to share what you have learned with others. Dare to Care!
There was prayer, lunch and gift-giving as Sisters gathered at The Watermark community in Bridgeport, CT i May 2 to express gratitude and say farewell to Arlene Flaherty, OP, who has been the AM Province’s JPIC Director for the last 9 1/2 years.
The SSND Teacher Training Program in Haiti continues to flourish.  Please read about the efforts to support student-made Mother Tongue Books and the Videos being created by NDMU faculty member Lisa Pallet to continue Teacher Training in the Time of COVD. 
Each year on May 9, the anniversary of her death, we remember and look to Blessed Theresa as a guide for our own lives and times, and pray that the charism entrusted to her might continue to find life and expression in all those touched by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. 
World Day of Prayer for Vocations will be observed this Sunday, May 8, 2022. It is also known as "Good Shepherd Sunday." The purpose of this day is to publicly fulfill the Lord's instruction to, "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest" (Mt 9:38; Lk 10:2).
Ecologists are working with the nation’s Tewahedo churches to preserve these pockets of lush, wild habitat. ~ Article from Nature Magazine
Congratulations to the following organizations, which have received Gospel Fund grants to support their missions.
Please reflect on this week's Laudato Si' quote, lean into living out Laudato Si, sign up to learn about online dangers for children, watch The Power of Big Oil, and much more. Dare to Care!
“Freed and trusting, we are ready to approach others openly in dialogue, to hope against hope, to accept privations, and to welcome insecurity.” (YAS C 16) This passage from YAS may be especially relevant for us now, when we sisters are also facing the tangible reality of war.
Sisters of the Holy Family in 1898
"After 14 years of research, Shannen Dee Williams – a history professor at the University of Dayton -- arguably now knows more about America’s Black nuns than anyone in the world. Her comprehensive and compelling history of them, “Subversive Habits,” will be published May 17." - AP News
On Monday, February 28th Ministry Services facilitated its third board roundtable conversation, “Essential Communication for the SSND Ministry Board Member.” Patrick Laorden, Associate Director of Ministry Services, and Mary Anne O’Donnell, Associate, facilitated the roundtable conversation.