Daily Reflection

Trust and Dare: Words for Each Day, Blessed Mary Theresa Jesus of Gerhardinger

Sunday January 21

It is certain and true that God as God will not let himself be outdone in generosity by us human beings.

Monday January 22

Trust in God and walk in his ways; then he will also be with you - the infinitely good and merciful God.

Tuesday January 23

If the almighty and merciful God is for us, who can then be against us?  Even the power of hell will be dashed to pieces against him.

Wednesday January 24

We are not born with serenity of heart. . . .We must gradually acquire it.

Thursday January 25

To God, above all, be glory and thanks.  He it is who so gladly uses the weak to reveal his power, wisdom, and love...

Friday January 26

God does not lay upon us more than we can bear.

Saturday January 27

If the sun of grace shines for us, the gloomy fog will sink to the ground by itself.