Home Classroom Tips

We have collected Home Teaching Resources for parents and others who are keeping kids active and engaged while staying at home.

Thanks to the Silver Family for these Tips! Patty Silver is a pre-associate, homeschooled her five daughters and teaches at NDMU

  • Set up a weekly schedule with your child covering what they will do each day. Check their work at the end of the day or completion of an assignment, reteach if needed..with your child covering what they will do each day, by creating a simple calendar CLICK HERE
  • You don’t have to keep the same hours as the school.  Your teen may be more effective if they can sleep in and start at 10:00, while your youngster may prefer to start very early in the day.
  • You don’t have to work at a desk or table.  Some children will be more successful working on the floor or couch.  Others may need to sit at the kitchen table.  
  • Make media work for you.  Set up a schedule of when media is permitted. Check with your school about their recommended educational programs. Limiting media use will encourage a bored child to create their own fun.  (A rule in our family was if anyone ever said they were bored, I would always find a chore for them to do.  After the chore, they never had a problem finding a way to entertain themselves!)  There are lots of free online resources (see below).
  • Read alouds are a great way to start the day and get everyone back on track after lunch! Cuddle up together and read a chapter at each sitting.
    There are also famous authors offering read alouds online HERE
  • Add reading for pleasure to your child’s homeschool day.  Set the example and all have downtime together reading great books
  • There are a lot of free online resources for the arts and Physical Education. Find what works for your child and add it to your schedule.
  • Along with homework packets from your school, realize that you have the freedom to add anything your child wants to learn.  This is a great time to teach to their interests.  Have your child research and write on topics that interest them.
  • Most Important...Have fun!

RESOURCE LIST  (we continue to add to this list so check back often)