Corporate Social Responsibility

Investors Call for Justice

During the last season, DOW, an American multinational chemical corporation with 54,000 employees in 160 countries, agreed to commission a third-party racial equity audit.  DOW agreed to this audit after its dialogue with four shareholders, including SSND Cooperative Investment Fund (CIF) and an IASJ staff member.  A law firm, experienced in working with other leading companies on civil rights and equity audits, will assess how Dow’s US operations, products, policies and services support racial equity.  

The Dynamics of Investing and Divesting - A Perspective

Investing in a company, owning shares in the company, means you are part owners. So, you have an opportunity and responsibility to recommend/demand changes in corporate policies as well as introduce new policies/practices at shareholder meetings.

The Dynamics of Investing and Divesting - A Perspective

These days, there is much discussion about whether divesting the ownership of stocks in a company with troubling practices is an effective tool in changing corporate culture and practices.  Divestment has had success in some situations. For example, divestment helped to dismantle apartheid in South Africa, but it is often the case, that investment in corporations can be a more effective strategy.  How can this be?

SSNDs Divesting and Investing for Climate Change

Divesting from the Chevron Corporation, an American multinational energy provider, is one initiative taken by the SSND Cooperative Investment Fund (CIF) in keeping with its sustainable investment strategy for the environment and the care of our common home.