Adjusting to Catholic culture and a good cup of tea

Suzanne Bunn, MHSHI remember my first day of Latin with Sister Gratia Ennius, SSND. The class consisted of Sarel Fuchs, Methodist, many, many young SSND Sisters and me, a public school “kid” trying to adjust to a new culture.  At noon, a bell tolled.  Everyone stood up and began to pray the Angelus in Latin.  I had no idea what the Angelus was, much less how to pray it in Latin.  I was numb, and then everyone except Sarel disappeared.  They had all genuflected at “The Word was made flesh...”.   

After class, I took a walk and came to the home of my high school Latin teacher.  I had a good cry and a cup of tea.  Things improved.  I don’t know whether it was the sympathetic ear, the cry or the tea.

I remember Sister Gratia talking about her first teaching assignment.  Long ago, all the Postulants were sent out to teach first grade.  A Sister was assigned to visit, observe and help each Postulant.  Sister Gratia was in a far, county place.  The Visitor did not get there until Spring.  Sister Gratia had taught all the first graders to read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide and do fractions and decimals.  I think the Visitor was stunned.

God has a sense of humor.  He called me to be a Mission Helper of the Sacred Heart.  I came armed with a stack of Holy Cards and prayers from Sister Gratia.

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