Angels Given Kindness Awards During Catholic Schools Week

Four Holy Angels students who demonstrate exemplary care and compassion have earned the Academy’s Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award. Myra Bocage, Sydni Ponti, Alexandra Valdez, and Sophia Karamanoukian were honored during the celebration of Catholic Schools Week (January 31 – February 4).

Each Angel was recognized for continuing the inspirational kindness for which Sister Catherine Green, SSND, was known. Sister Catherine, a beloved member of the AHA Religious Studies Department from 1982-2014, was an attentive listener with a ready smile and a nurturing spirit.

Myra Bocage (AHA ’22) carries on S. Catherine’s legacy by being “compassionate, genuine, and an all-around great person.” A friend said this Chestnut Ridge, New York, resident is friendly and welcoming to all.

“(She is) humble, honest, and cares for everyone. She is always willing to talk or listen with an open mind and an open heart,” one person said.

Another friend said Bocage “provides me with guidance when needed and goes out of her way to say hi to me when she sees me in the hallway.”

Sydney Ponti (AHA ’23) of Secaucus received her award for being friendly, respectful, genuine, and thoughtful. Those who nominated Ponti said she takes time to greet others, and makes an effort to include people in conversations.

“Her compassionate personality makes a difference in our community,” one friend shared. Another person said, “She goes out of her way to make others feeling included and is friendly with everyone she meets.”

“(Her) kind heart and warm smile are only a few reasons why she is so deserving of this award,” one person said of Ponti.

Alexandra “Allie” Valdez (AHA ’24) of Oakland was honored for being a consistent model of kindness and compassion. One person appreciates Valdez’s ability to make her laugh. A classmate wrote that Valdez is “supportive, caring, friendly, and inclusive…She inspires kindness among our class through her caring nature and personality.” Another friend wrote that she “brings positivity to our school and is an amazing teammate.”

Sophia Karamanoukian (AHA ’25) of Englewood Cliffs earned the Kindness Award for her warm, caring attitude. This honoree is known for being patient, sweet, and helpful. Friends say she makes everyone around her happy.

“(She) is always there to lend a helping hand, whether or not she is busy,” a friend shared. “She is always so kind to me and always helps me when I need it.”

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