Dare to Care - August 11th 2023

Dismantling Racism: Education for extinction

In 2021, the discovery and revelation of 751 unmarked graves of Indigenous children near Native Peoples’ Boarding Schools in Canada, prompted the US government to begin to investigate our US history related to these types events. What has been found so far is shocking!

Beginning in 1879 in Carlisle, PA, the first government run Native American Boarding school was founded. The Director, Richard Henry Pratt, had the slogan, “Kill the Indian, Save the Man (Child).” The method was to forcibly remove children from their tribal families and territories and transport them to one of more than 400 off-reservation schools across the country, preferably, far from their place of origin. There, they were systematically stripped of every vestige of Native identity and forced to assimilate American dress, language and way of life. Use of physical and sexual violence was not uncommon

What is being unearthed was a concerted government effort at cultural genocide that has never been acknowledged before. Its full extent is yet to be known. “Stolen Spirits: The Dark History of Native American Boarding Schools,” is a 4:40 minute introductory video. (Click here) There are many more You tube videos of varied lengths that can deepen your understanding.

Addressing Climate Change: Emissions cap

Sister Charmaine has signed a letter on behalf of our sisters in Canada calling for a federal emissions cap and connecting it to the wildfires this summer. Climate Action Network Canada prepared the letter.  The cap could finally curb rising oil and gas emissions, fossil fuel production and infrastructure expansion, and put Canada on the path of a managed decline. Since early June, Canada has been experiencing devastating wildfires. These fires have displaced thousands of people, impacting Indigenous communities disproportionately, and the resulting smoke has blanketed much of the continent and even reached Europe. 

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