Dare to Care - August 4th 2023

Haiti Collaboration Committee: A prayer for Haiti

"Oh that feeling when you return to your place, the place where your heart is.” Please pray for Haitians and all other asylum seekers who have fled their homes due to persecution, violence, or economic hardship. 

Justice for Immigrants: Our Lady of the Refugees 
By Sister Maura Eichner, SSND 

Mother who knew 
what hardship shakes 
a woman bundling clothes,
 and putting by her wheaten cakes; 
Mother who urged the donkey, 
(making happy riot 
on the straggling stones)
 urged the beast to be more quiet; 
Mother who heard the Child
 whimper beneath the thin blue shawl, 
our aching prayers cry out to thee, 
Mother, pray for them all. 
A thousand Bethlehems 
mask dark tonight, 
the eyes of friendly little homes 
have lost their light; 
pathetic heaps of poor, dear things 
are laid aside; 
a small bird sang where a latched door swings.
 Mother, whose sad Egyptian flight 
preceded all of these 
guide them in faith beneath familiar stars, 
Our Lady of the Refugees.

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