Dare to Care July 9th 2021

Human Trafficking

Check out the latest Stop Trafficking newsletter by U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking.

Climate Change

This article in YES! Magazine offers a hopeful perspective on the fight for climate justice: Don’t Tell Me to Despair About the Climate: Hope Is a Right We Must Protect - YES! Magazine (yesmagazine.org). “The climate crisis is ongoing. And, also, a bird is building a nest in the eaves outside my window. Come spring, there will be new birth. In shaky hands, I hold these two truths together.”


Reflect on this photo-essay that captures the U.S./Mexico border: Frontera: Where the limits of a wall and the promise of the unknown intersect | Global Sisters Report


Consider Dana P. Saxon’s perspective on celebrating the Fourth of July: 9 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate the 4th of July | by Dana P. Saxon | Medium. In what ways does this challenge or expand your own thinking?


Earlier this week, President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated at his home near Port-au-Prince. Let us keep the people of Haiti and our partners Beyond Borders in prayer during this turbulent time. May peace prevail! For an update from Beyond Borders, click here.

Read All About It

Check out Kathleen Bonnette’s latest article, “No surprise: Nuns are taking the lead in putting ‘Laudato Si’’ into action | America Magazine.” You can find more articles published by our sisters and staff on our Read All About It page.

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