Dare to Care June 11th 2021

Human Trafficking and Haiti

•    The AM and CP Human Trafficking Committees and the AM Haiti Committee are co-sponsoring a webinar entitled, “The Year for the Elimination of Child Labor: Challenge and Hope,” on June 14th at 7:00pm (ET). In honor of the World Day Against Child Labor, we will hear from Sister Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND, Director of the SSND UN-NGO Office, and Sister Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, SSND, Executive Leadership Fellow with Beyond Borders. Join us to learn more about the travesty of child labor, and what SSNDs are doing to combat it through the Haiti partnership! Click this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/91980216069.

•    The AM Human Trafficking Committee invites you to use this resource on child labor to learn, act, and pray with us.


The SSND Shalom Immigration Committees of the Atlantic-Midwest and Central Pacific provinces will be joining the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the Congregation Action Network, the We Are Home Campaign, and other faith partners in a Faith Fast beginning June 7 and concluding July 4. We invite you to join us! Our hope is to shine a spotlight on our nation’s moral obligation to include our immigrant neighbors in the American family - to call for a pathway to citizenship for essential workers, DACA and TPS recipients, and their families. 

There are many ways to support this effort. Commit to fast one or more days in a fashion that is meaningful and reasonable for you. Use our Voter Voice tool to send weekly messages to Congress urging them to take action. Organize a prayer service, Eucharistic adoration, or community rosary in support of this effort and in solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers. More information and ideas can be found here. 

In case you missed it…

•    Registration is open for “Laudato Si’ and the U.S. Catholic Church: A Conference Series on Our Common Home,” a biennial conference series sponsored by Creighton University and Catholic Climate Covenant, to convene, equip, and inspire Catholics who can more deeply integrate Laudato Si’ and its climate change teaching into the U.S. Church. The conference will be held virtually from July 13-15, 2021. Please click here to register.
•    The U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking will be hosting a webinar on June 16th, entitled “How Children are being Trafficked for Labor in the U.S.” Click here to register. 

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