Dare to Care - March 17th 2023

Marking Pope Francis’ 10th Anniversary

On March 13, Georgetown University hosted a dialogue with Cardinal Michael Czerny, SJ, on the 10th Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, focusing on the global mission of Pope Francis and the universal message of his encyclical Fratelli tutti. We invite you to explore the resources for the dialogue and watch the recording which will be available soon on the event page.

Promoting Justice for Immigrants: Definitions

These terms - asylum seeker, refugee, immigrant, migrant – can be confusing. Here we hope to shed some light.

An asylum seeker is someone seeking international protection from dangers in his or her home country. Asylum seekers must apply for protection in the country of destination. Not every asylum seeker will be recognized as a refugee but every refugee is initially an asylum seeker.

An official entity such as a government or the United Nations Refugee Agency determines whether a person seeking asylum meets the definition of a refugee, based on well-founded fear.

Those who receive refugee status are given protections under international laws and conventions and lifesaving support from aid agencies, including the International Rescue Committee. Refugees in the U.S. and Canada have the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents and eventually citizens.

What about immigrants and migrants?

An immigrant is someone who freely chooses to leave his or her home and move to a foreign country with the intention of settling there. Immigrants often go through a lengthy vetting process to immigrate to a new country. Many become lawful permanent residents and eventually citizens.

A migrant is someone who freely chooses to move from place to place (within his or her country or across borders), usually for economic reasons such as seasonal work on farms.

Ending Human Trafficking: OneChild Conference

Students and staff are invited to OneChild’s inaugural 2023 Youth Day on May 3, 2023, the FIRST-ever conference on the sexual exploitation of children (SEC), organized by youth, for youth and focused on taking action! A FREE, all-day, virtual event (Zoom webinar).

Youth Day is a pre-event to the Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit (CSES) May 4- 5, hosted by Defend Dignity, a gathering of over 50 expert speakers who will be discussing the latest research, innovative strategies, and lessons to help leaders from every sector, including the education sector, in the fight against SEC. This is also online. Please see the information links below for the agenda and invitation.

Note: OneChild is a Gospel Fund recipient.

One Child Youth Day Teacher Invitation

One Child Youth Day Agenda

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