Dare to Care - May 12th 2023

Justice for Immigrants: Title 42

May 11 is the day that Title 42 comes to an end. The Title 42 policy has allowed the U.S. government to expel border-crossers without giving them an opportunity to seek asylum.  It was put in place on March 2020, to deter the spread of the coronavirus in crowded detention settings. The government is ending the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11; Title 42 is expected to end then as well. Read more about what might happen after Title 42 in an article in Immigration Impact.

Ending Human Trafficking: Fair Trade Day

May 13 is World Fair Trade Day. The theme is “Start where you are.” What is Fair Trade? Fair trade is an economic model that envisions a world where trade helps support small-scale farmers, producers, and their families, and cultivates healthy and sustainable communities. Fair trade is about morality before money – people and planet over profits. Fair trade touches upon several province focus areas: it attempts to ensure that slave labor is not part of the supply chain; it helps people thrive where they are and not feel forced to migrate; and it helps farmers adapt, mitigate and become more resilient to climate change. To learn more about Fair Trade, read the World Vision article, Fair trade: What you need to know.   

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