Dare to Care November 12th 2021

This week's Laudato Si quote:

59. At the same time we can note the rise of a false or superficial ecology which bolsters complacency and a cheerful recklessness. As often occurs in periods of deep crisis which require bold decisions, we are tempted to think that what is happening is not entirely clear. Superficially, apart from a few obvious signs of pollution and deterioration, things do not look that serious, and the planet could continue as it is for some time. Such evasiveness serves as a licence to carrying on with our present lifestyles and models of production and consumption. This is the way human beings contrive to feed their self-destructive vices: trying not to see them, trying not to acknowledge them, delaying the important decisions and pretending that nothing will happen.

Reflection: How tempted am I “to think that what is happening is not entirely clear” regarding climate change? What important decisions might I make in my relationship with the earth and all creation?

United Nations Official Commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women November 24, 2021

Consider joining this free virtual seminar “Orange the World: END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN NOW!” that will “highlight the universal nature of violence against women and girls and acknowledge the particular challenges related to COVID-19, humanitarian and conflict situations. It will also amplify successes to demonstrate that violence against women and girls is preventable and mobilize greater investment in the proven solutions.” For more information and registration, click here.  

Justice for Immigrants

A “Rivers of Hope Pilgrimage” will take four virtual tours of rivers to learn from those who live there and those who minister there. Each river journey will focus on a different area SSNDs have as a concern:

  • Dec 7 Rio Grande (Immigration)
  • Jan 11 Mississippi (Climate Change)
  • Feb 8 Missouri (Human Trafficking)
  • March 21 Hudson (Economy, Education, and Racism).

A creative and innovative approach to learning about these issues, and each session is just 90 minutes long. For more information and registration, click here.
For a pdf flyer to share click here

Justice for Immigrants and Dismantling Racism

How are race and immigration linked? Does skin color affect the ways that some immigrants are treated or viewed? The Pew Research Center released a survey this week that reveals that a majority of Latinos say skin color impacts opportunity in America and shapes daily life. What might this say to us about those who seek safety in the United States? How does this shape public opinion about immigration? For more, click here.

Dismantling Racism

The Shalom Racial Justice Committee invites you to attend a webinar on Critical Race Theory and related issues through the lens of SSND’s commitment to education and racial justice. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, November 17 from 6:30 – 7:45 pm Central (7:30-8:45 Eastern) and is open to all members of the SSND family. Since this is a Blue Jeans Event, please click here for connection information.

Addressing Climate Change

COP 26 has concluded; agreed next steps by countries continue to be negotiated.  Here is a first draft of the Glasgow Climate Summit. Here is a CNN perspective on the meeting. The Bishops of the Amazon appeal to COP 26.  Read here

End Human Trafficking

Read about Orphanages and Child Trafficking here

Prayer to End Human Trafficking

O Lord, you said you came: “to set the captives free.”
In our world, young men and women who are trafficked are modern-day slaves.

Help these young people not to lose hope. Give the grace for elected officials to grow in awareness of and to take active steps to eradicate this horror.
Teach them not to prosecute the victims of trafficking but to bring to justice those who perpetrate this crime.

Lord, give the grace of conversion to those who mistreat unfortunates for their own personal gain. May demand decrease as people realize that prostitution is a crime against human dignity, forced upon these people, who are more victims than anything else.

May the awareness of this horrendous crime spread throughout the world and may many join the efforts to stop trafficking and help the victims begin anew,
filled with hope. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
~  Sr. Veronica Piccone, MSC


In the midst of an unprecedented time of crisis in Haiti, the SSN-Beyond Borders partnership continues work, with important security parameters on Lagonav. Please read the SSND-Beyond Borders Year 5 partnership Report. Please read the description of the work planned for Year 6 of the partnership.

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