Earth Examen of Consciousness

  • As the day draws to a close, I pause to recall that I am in the presence: 
    ...of our Creator God who looked with pleasure on everything that was made;
    ...of Jesus who delighted in the flowers of the field and the birds of the air;
    ...of the Spirit of wind and flame, the energy that fills the cosmos.

  • I ask for the grace to see creation as God sees it – with delight in its wonders and with a heart broken by the cries of Earth and people in poverty.
  • How have my life choices impacted creation today? I recall some moments when I delighted in creation today – e.g. in a sunrise, a flower, an animal companion, in an experience of human goodness.
  • I recall with gratitude some moments when I chose to live in loving relationship with creation – e.g. when I was careful in my use of water or electricity, when I made healthy food choices for myself and for Earth, when I chose non-violence in relationships and speech.
  • I pray for the grace of conversion for the moments in my day when I failed to live in loving relationship with creation – e.g. when I too rushed or busy for wonder and awe; when I was wasteful or selfish; when I failed to treat people and other creatures with respect.
  • I look with desire and hope toward tomorrow. What is one thing I might choose to do to live in deeper harmony with God, myself, other people, all creation?
  • I conclude my prayer with a moment of contemplative silence. I rest in gratitude for the wonder of life. I repeat to the rhythm of my breath the words of the song of the angels of Bethlehem  

Glory to God...Peace to all Creation!

This Earth Examen of Consciousness was written by Fr. Terrence Moran for the Land Ethic Committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Pursuing justice, we seek God’s gift of peace. To find out more about our community and our efforts to live in harmony with Earth visit

For more on a vision of integral ecology, please click on this Just Act:

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