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Nobel WeekWater

The Nobel Week Dialogue is an illustrious event that brings together Nobel Laureates, the world’s top scientists and opinion leaders, and other world figures to deepen the dialogue between the scientific community and the rest of society on topics of global concern. This year’s theme was “Water Matters.” In recognition of the Council of Canadian’s work towards water justice in Canada, and around the world through their Blue Planet Project, the Nobel Week Dialogue committee asked Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson, to deliver a keynote speech and moderate a panel of water experts.

Blue CommunitiesA prime example of this work is the quickly growing Blue Communities Project , which encourages municipalities and other communities to ban bottled water, protect the human right to water and promote public water services. (Click here to learn more about AMSSND participation in the Blue Communities Project.)

Please take a few minutes to watch Maude’s keynote address (starting at 38:40 of the video), which is followed by the panel discussion she moderated.


•    On December 18, we celebrated International Migrants Day! Did you know that first-generation immigrants make up more than 25% of adult Catholics in the U.S.? How lucky we are to be part of such a rich cultural community! As we work for justice for all migrants and refugees, we pray for those who are seeking a home where they can flourish, and especially for those whose hopes and needs are met with discrimination and violence. May we always be open to receiving the gifts offered to us by migrant people, and may we have grace to live together with dignity.

For more information on migration issues in the U.S., please read our latest Just Act Resource, “Encountering Christ: A Celebration of Migrants and Refugees” 

•    The AMSSND Province has issued a statement of solidarity with the migrants seeking refuge at our southern border. “We call on all U.S. citizens to remember that we are a nation built by immigrants, with a rich history of providing refuge to those in need, and to uphold those American ideals today. As Christians, we are commanded to love our neighbors, which includes welcoming the stranger. As SSNDs, ‘Our history is inextricably connected to the immigrant experience’ (AMSSND Corporate Stance). We believe that the United States will be stronger and safer when we welcome those who seek refuge at our borders. Not only are the men, women, and children in the ‘caravan’ people who reflect the image of God in unique and unrepeatable ways; they also are people who can contribute to our nation’s rich cultural heritage and economic initiatives.”

Please click here to read the full statement

•    We continue to pray for migrants and refugees during this time of Las Posadas! Please join in our novena if you haven’t already! Click Here .

(Human) Trafficking
On December 7, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a new industry partnership between the DHS Blue Campaign – the unified voice for DHS’s efforts to combat human trafficking – and United Airlines. Click here to learn more.


Please watch this short video, “The ABCs of Child Labor ,” by the Child Labor Coalition, of which Beyond Borders is a member.



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