Get W.I.T.H. it - March 19th 2021

Climate Change/Water

World Water Day is March 22! 

Take a moment to explore where the Earth’s life-giving water came from! Click here to learn 10 facts about the global water crisis.

In Canada, please consider sending a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, holding him accountable for his 2015 election promise to end all drinking water advisories on First Nations reservations by March 2021. 

Click here for a Water prayer.


Filmmaker Richard Barber, a producer-editor at CBS News, made a series of short films, summer 2018-March 2020. "To Right The Wrong: Border Stories” weaves these short films into a single 37-minute documentary, tracing the arc of Witness at the Border (WATB) from the Texas-Mexico border to a Florida detention center and beyond, including Tornillo TX, Homestead FL, Brownsville/Matamoros and more. It was just updated last week with current information about the end of MPP. Click here to view the film.

In case you missed it…

Human Trafficking

This Lent, consider praying the Stations of the Cross for Human Trafficking (USCCB).


There has been an increase in unaccompanied minors and migrant families seeking refuge in the United States in recent months, and ensuring that they are treated safely, humanely, and efficiently is a pressing challenge. Read more here: President Biden Faces Challenge From Surge of Migrants at the Border - The New York Times ( Please keep them in your prayers, along with our policy-makers and humanitarian aid workers. Consider donating money or supplies to Catholic Charities—Rio Grande Valley Humanitarian Respite Center.

Exploring Intersections Webinars

LCWR Region X, Communicators for St. Louis Sisters (CSLS), and Sisters United News (SUN) are collaborating on this series of webinars that explore how gender equality is interconnected with issues of racism, migration and climate change. Click here to register: Webinar Registration - Zoom

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