Get W.I.T.H. it - March 8th


The Water Committee has prepared a reflection calendar for the month between World Water Day (3/22) and Earth Day (4/22). Please join us in reflecting upon and appreciating our relationship to water and the earth!


This NPR program This NPR program “Beyond The U.S.-Mexico Border: A Look At Changes To U.S. Immigration Policy,” discusses recent changes to immigration policy and their effects on current and future immigrants. Beyond The U.S.-Mexico Border: A Look At Changes To U.S. Immigration Policy” discusses recent changes to immigration policy and their effects on current and future immigrants.


As many as 60 people were buried when a gold mine in Indonesia collapsed last week. “Informal mining operations are commonplace in Indonesia, providing a tenuous livelihood to thousands who labor in conditions with a high risk of serious injury or death. Miners often burrow straight into hillsides with scant supports and children often are sent into the tunnels to dig and carry out ore hacked from rock faces.” Let us keep the people affected in our prayers. Click to read the Human Trafficking Committee’s series on Child Labor.



Learn more about the recent unrest in Haiti from our partner Beyond Borders in this Letter from Beyond Borders Director and Co-Founder David Diggs on Recent Protests in Haiti

Marvel’s blockbuster “Black Panther ,” which recently became the first superhero drama to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award , takes place in the secret African Kingdom of Wakanda. The Black Panther, also known as T’Challa, rules over this imaginary empire – a refuge from the colonialists and capitalists who have historically impoverished the real continent of Africa. But fans of the box-office hit might not realize that they don’t need to look to the make-believe world of the Black Panther to find a modern-day black kingdom that aspired to be a safe haven from racism and inequality. The fictional kingdom has a real-life corollary in the historic Kingdom of Hayti, which existed as a sort of Wakanda of the Western Hemisphere from 1811 to 1820. Click here to read the full article .

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