Get W.I.T.H. it - Sept 6th

Season of Creation


As we begin the second week of the Season of Creation (Sept. 1 – Oct. 4), we would like to remind you of some of the resources available to you for the occasion:

  • The AMSSND Water Committee invites you to use their reflection resource, composed by Sister Mary Heather Mackinnon, to become more attuned to God in all of creation.
  • Reflect on Pope Francis’ Message for the World Day of Prayer for Creation: “We have forgotten who we are: creatures made in the image of God (cf. Gen 1:27) and called to dwell as brothers and sisters in a common home. We were created not to be tyrants, but to be at the heart of a network of life made up of millions of species lovingly joined together for us by our Creator. Now is the time to rediscover our vocation as children of God, brothers and sisters, and stewards of creation. Now is the time to repent, to be converted and to return to our roots. We are beloved creatures of God, who in his goodness calls us to love life and live it in communion with the rest of creation.”
  • KAIROS Canada has created an action calendar: “On each day in September, an event, blog post, environmental challenge – or some combination of all three! – will be posted and saved in the KAIROS Climate Action Month calendar. The calendar will include weekly features on water, migrant rights, Indigenous rights, and ecological justice, as well as highlight the work of congregations, communities and partners both nationally and internationally.  It will also have Calls to Action, helpful resources, suggestions on how to engage, giveaways, suggestions on which books to read and websites to visit, new services, and hopeful messages via videos, interviews, blogs and spiritual reflections.”  
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