Goal 5 - Ecological Education

Laudato Si’ Action Platform Goal # 5

(Re-think and re-design educational curricula and educational institution reform in the spirit of integral ecology to create ecological awareness and action, promoting the ecological vocation of young people, teachers and leaders of education etc.)

Please read

Chapter 6 of Laudato Si’: Ecological Education and Spirituality (especially 202-215)
Integral Ecology Practice Guide: Journey Towards Care for Our Common Home, PDF-Document [4.6 MB] Chapter 1, especially pages 45-91.


“It takes educators capable of developing an ethics of ecology, and helping people, through effective pedagogy, to grow in solidarity, responsibility and compassionate care” (LS 210)
“The ecological conversion of the community requires a shared and co-ordinated educational commitment between different social actors, aimed at ‘creating an ecological citizenship’ (LS 211). This means encouraging the spread, especially among young people, of a new model of relationship between individuals, society and the environment, one that is characterized by the overcoming of individualism and by lifestyles inspired by solidarity, responsibility and care.” (Integral Ecology Practice Guide, page 68)

Reflection question(s):

How does this call to ecological education relate to the educational vision of the School Sisters of Notre Dame? (See https://gerhardinger.org/ministry/educational-vision/ )How are you challenged? To what are you being invited?


God of Virtue and Knowledge, assist us to “grow in solidarity, responsibility and compassionate care.” May our educational institutions and each of us help to restore “harmony within ourselves, with others, with nature and other living creatures, and with God.” May we be your instruments to transform the world through education.