Gospel Fund Grantees - March 2019

Congratulations to the following organizations, which have received Gospel Fund grants to support their missions...

Asylee Women Enterprise, Baltimore, MD
$5,000 to provide transportation and health care assistance for women awaiting asylum and for operational expenses for the office.

The Caroline Friess Center, Baltimore, MD
$5,000 to fund training in CPR/first aid/AED for 212 students and staff.

Center for New Creation, Milwaukee, WI
$5,000 for materials in the environmental education program and a stipend for person in leadership.

Creators of Peace, London, England
$5,000 to make stipends available to those who develop the Pastoral Care materials and carry out the program in different locations.

Human Dignity and Solidarity-Immigration Ministry, Chicago, IL
$5,000 to support two part-time Pastoral Companions who accompany and coordinate the Pastoral Migratoria leaders at the parish level in the North and West suburbs, while also supporting the ministry’s expansion.

Mogueya, Pastoral Center of St. Etieunne Parish, Burkino Faso, West Africa
$5,000 to purchase religious education and liturgical materials, school and office supplies, furniture, and the related transportation costs.

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, MD
$5,000 to finance the operations of its outreach program for the homeless: building operations, meal program, showers, laundry, client engagement and intake services.

Water Project in the Magwagwa Community in Kenya, Africa
$5000 for the digging of a borehole and installing the solar- powered pump to service the school, convent, and surrounding community with clean safe water  

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