Gospel Fund Grantees - October 2021

Congratulations to the following organizations, which have received Gospel Fund grants to support their missions. Click here for PDF

Gospel Funding 2021  (October)

Caritas de San Cristobal de Las Casas                                     Chiapas, Mexico

With efforts to bring peace and avoid conflicts, facilitators train indigenous people to become promotors of peace in their communities.  $5,000

Center for Judicial Excellence                                                 San Rafael, California

Youth ambassadors, survivors of domestic abuse, offer support to vulnerable teen agers and the training needed to become advocates for other victims of exploitation. $5,000

Friends in Solidarity                                                                (with South Sudan)

Solidarity Teacher Training College will offer scholarships to South Sudanese students to prepare them to be up to date primary school teachers in their own communities.    $6,000

Found in Faith Ministries                                                        Joppa, Maryland

In order to assist vulnerable families to move toward independent living, the volunteers need to purchase assessment materials and goal setting supplies. $5,000

Mercy Ecology                                                                        Benson, Vermont

Looking forward to a “healing force for the planet and people,” Mercy Ecospirituality Center needs funding for a strategic planning process to support their mission. $4,000

New Ways Ministry                                                                Mt. Rainier, Maryland

For a spring conference open to women religious and the LGBTQ community, scholarships will be offered.    $5,000

Our Lady of Apostles Girls’ College                                       Nigeria, West Africa

Funding for major repairs to their dining hall is essential for the college’s vital services to continue.  $5,000

St. Vincent de Paul Society                                                    Baltimore, Maryland

With these funds, The Beans & Bread resource program will enable homeless persons move toward permanent housing.     $5.000

Sisters Academy of Baltimore                                                Baltimore, Maryland    

ExCEL, the after school enrichment program, will extend its activities to five days each week.    $5,000

The Thomas More Project                                                     Baltimore, Maryland

In keeping with the international educational endeavors of the SSNDs, the work of our sisters in Africa will receive on-going financial support through an endowment fund. $5,000

Tutwiler Community Education Center, Inc.                         Tutwiler, Mississippi

Vulnerable young people desiring to continue their education will receive opportunities to visit colleges and receive support with their applications through this funding.     $5,000

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