The Haiti Water Initiative Program

AMSSND is committed to the goal of universal access to clean water. As part of that commitment, our province engages in education and advocacy efforts regarding the spirituality and vitality of water around the world and how to protect it. We advocate changes such as the elimination of bottled water, straws, and other plastics that pollute the earth's water and the life depending upon it. We also support and learn from projects that provide life given access to water. Last year, SSND and its network of benefactors, sisters and associates partnered with Beyond Borders to provide 96 families with water catchment systems last year.

With increased access to water families in the remote and drought-prone island of Lagonav, Haiti, families are able to grow nutritious vegetables, pay for children’s schooling and other needs, and reduce the hours traditionally spent by women and girls fetching water at distant rivers or wells.

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