Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Don’t we have to thank God for everything!
Mother Theresa #2914

On November 28, our province celebrates Thanksgiving Day with our sisters, associates and staff in the US.  We give God praise and thanks for all we have received and pray in gratitude for the abundant blessings bestowed upon us, our family, friends and congregation. 

In the midst of our abundance, let us remember our responsibility to pray for the needs of our world, especially for all those who are victims of violence, war, abuse and alienation. May the strength of our prayers open up avenues of healing, comfort and radical changes in the systems that keep people oppressed. May we continue to be  witnesses of hope and love to all we encounter.

We wish all of our sisters, associates and colleagues in the US a very happy Thanksgiving Day! Let us come before God with grateful hearts to express our gratitude for all the blessings and gifts we have received. May this day be for you, a time of prayer, gratitude and great joy. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Charmaine, Celeste, Deborah, Jane, Maria and Sharon