Jubilarians 2020

We are called, through the power of the Spirit, to transcend ourselves in order to be ever more deeply united with Gods people.

- You Are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

80 years Diamond & Pearl

60 years Diamond

S. Mary Bann †
S. Regine Marie Bruder
S. Francis Miriam Conway
S. Lillian Corriveau
S. Mary Shawn Kavanagh
S. Elizabeth Marie Kelly
S. Iris Marie McGann
S. Helen Miriam McGonagle
S. Phyllis Marie McNally
S. Daniella Marie O’Sullivan
S. Marlene Panko
S. Betty Rosser †
S. Maryann Sheehan †
S. Theresa Torsone
S. Vivian Zoller

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