JUBILEE JOY - Sister Claire Marie Czerwiec

 Sister Claire Marie Czerwiec

As sister jubilarians of 2018 arrived at Villa Notre Dame the first days of May to join with each other in a weekend of celebration, they were greeted by the smiles and open hearts and arms. Everywhere they turned they encountered an atmosphere of festivity and joy displayed by creative bulletin board displays, colorful table decorations and exquisite floral arrangements.

On Friday, May 3, Sister Sharon Kanis guided the sister jubilarians through a day of reflection, prayer and sharing on the journey of their lives. Centered on the theme of “We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe,” jubilarians savored and gave thanks for the graces of joy, pain, reconciliation and love they experienced over their years of vowed life and friendship in SSND community and ministry. Mother Nature gave her blessing with lovely weather on Saturday as guests arrived to join in the uplifting Eucharistic celebration. Following the Gospel, Provincial Charmaine Krohe’s reflection both stirred and challenged the hearts of all who gathered in person or through live-streaming. With the echoes of jubilant music still reverberating through the chapel, those present processed to Paschal Hall where a sumptuous feast was spread. Reflecting on the jubilee event, which had involved months of planning, collaboration and busy hands, all under the gentle coordination of Sister Celeste Reinhart, it became apparent to us all, that if takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Congregation to raise a jubilarian, and a province to create a jubilee celebration!


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