Lagonav Teacher Training Trip

Sister Sharon Slear, SSND of Notre Dame of Maryland University and two colleagues, Kathleen Sipes and Cynthia Cassone, traveled to the island of Lagonav in July, 2017 to begin a teacher training initiative at the Matenwa Native Language School on the island. The purpose of this training is to further educational development on Lagonav by supporting teachers in their work to devise intervention strategies to increase success in school for students with identified needs. The training program will involve teacher training in the morning and observation of teachers implementing intervention strategies in the afternoon with cohorts of children. Brian Stevens of Beyond Borders and Chris Lowe of the Matenwa School will accompany Sister Sharon, Kathleen and Cynthia and provide simultaneous translation.

The teachers who are trained in this program will in turn, train other teachers in more remote parts of Lagonav.


Sister Sharon’s future plans include year two of a five year program for future teacher-educators from Lagonav. Year two, which will commence in 2018 will bring Sr. Sharon and her team back to the island in order to teach new skills and assess the implementation of previous skills learned.  During the third, fourth and fifth years of this Teacher Training Program the Haitian teachers will attend a special program at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore where the focus will be on teaching Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

Check out the photos from the Haiti partnership and Teacher training

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