Laudato Si Action

TreeThe Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles is grounded in the idea of sufficiency, and promoting sobriety in the use of resources and energy. Actions could include reducing waste and recycling, adopting sustainable dietary habits (opting for a more plant-based diet and reducing meat consumption), greater use of public transport, active mobility (walking, cycling), and avoiding single use items (e.g. plastic, etc.).

Actions you can take to combat climate change and to Care for Creation!

Changes to lifestyle and consumption habits

  • Avoid single-use items
  • Be more conscious of water usage and waste
  • disposal
  • Eat a meat-free meal at least once a week.
  • Or better yet, consider a flexitarian (limited
  • inclusion of meat) or vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Choose food from local sources and eat
  • seasonal produce as much as possible.
  • Make changes institutionally at your parish,
  • school or workplace
  • Support local efforts to solve environmental
  • problems
  • Raise awareness, including your own, about the
  • interconnectedness of the health of the planet
  • and that of humanity.
  • Contact your Members of Congress or Members
  • of Parliament (advocacy)
  • Use SSND's Voter Voice tool
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