Laudato Si’ - Ecological Education and Spirituality 3

208. Disinterested concern for others, and the rejection of every form of self-centeredness and self-absorption, are essential if we truly wish to care for our brothers and sisters and for the natural environment. These attitudes also attune us to the moral imperative of assessing the impact of our every action and personal decision on the world around us. 


“When a group of people are sailing in a boat, none of them has a right to bore a hole under his own seat.” (Israel Meir ha-Kohen) The Earth is our collective ship. We are all drilling small holes under our seats every time we burn fossil fuels in ways that can be avoided. Read the extended reflection “Drilling on the Ship”.


What steps can you take to stop drilling holes in our “Earthship”? Virtual meetings rather than in-person? Carpool? Take public transportation?  What else? Commit to two small actions that you will implement beginning today.

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