Measuring Integral Ecology in the Spirit of Laudato Si’

Goal# 6: Ecological Spirituality

(Recover a religious vision of God’s creation, encourage greater contact with the natural world in a spirit of wonder, peace, joy and gratitude, promote creation-centered liturgical celebrations, develop ecological catechesis, prayer, retreat, formation, etc.)

Please Read:

Reflection:  Results of climate change are affecting the spirituality of peoples in all areas of the globe.  Suffering from the effects of climate change, communities lose their homes, churches, sacred spaces, burial grounds.  They become separated from religious rites and rituals associated with their traditional culture and spirituality.   

It is disheartening to lose a home and become separated from family, neighbors, and friends.  People find themselves fleeing their native lands from fires, hurricanes, rising sea levels or extreme heat to become migrants, often unwanted in developed countries.  Their security is lost as they are on their own, without religious leaders and prayer groups, often mourning the loss of loved ones. They become disenchanted and hopeless living in a world that has suddenly for them become joyless.

Response: How can I increase awareness of the effects on spirituality of climate change?  How can I work to bring about a more inclusive vision of created life and the natural world?

Interfaith Climate Prayer:  

“A Blessing for Responsibility” by Daniel McGill, author of Forty Nights, Creation Centered Night Prayer (2006). 

May God bless us not with clean air alone, but the will to keep our air clean 
May God bless us not with a vision of a healthy planet alone, but with the will to do all in our power to restore and maintain our planet's health. 
May God bless us not with a change of heart in the great world leaders alone to save our planet, but with a change in our own heart to use our own power to save the planet.

Laudato Si’ Action Platform Seven Goals