Notable dates in May for Haitian History and Culture

May 1st     Labor and Agricultural Day - a national holiday in Haiti.

May 2nd    Flowers’ Day was celebrated during the Duvalier era in the capital’s bicentennial plaza decorated with flowers and the colors of the Haitian flag with artists and musical groups.

May 18th   Haitian Flag Day.  In a pact signed by the Black and Mulatto officers at the May 1803 congress, the officers created the Haitian flag on the last day of the congress.

May 20th   Toussaint L’Ouverture’s Birthday.  General L’Ouverture was the leader behind the Haitian Slave Revolution.  He led the slaves to victory against Spain, Great Britain and France.

Haitian Mother’s Day   In Haiti, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May.  Haitians honor their mothers by wearing a red flower for those who are living and a white or purple one for those who have passed away.