Our Lady of Light

Lady of Light
Blessed Art Thou”  by Michael O’Neill McGrath







Breathe on us,

    O Spirit of Fire.

Consume us,

    O Spirit of Love.

Descend on us,

    O Spirit of Power.

Visit us,

    O Spirit of God.

Astonish us wtih new life,

    as you astonished Mary of Nazareth.

Touch our hearts with joy,

    as touched Mary of Bethlehem, 

Fill us with vintage wine,

    as you filled Mary of Cana.

Console us with each other,

    as you consoled Mary of Calvary.

Kindle us with your fire,

    as you kindled Mary of Pentecost.

May our hearts burn within us;

    with Mary, may we sparkle

    with the radiance of Christ.


by Richard N. Fragomeni


Credit: “Blessed Art Thou” by Michael O’Neill McGrath with prayers by Richard N. Fragomeni