Prayer Circle at Waterdown

By Anne Macneil and Kim Beckett, LEAD Department Co-Coordinators

We always try to provide morning prayers for our third-floor sisters as part of a holistic approach to their care.  
Recently we have been assisted by Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson, SSND, who comes to the lounge every morning to lead a handful of Sisters in prayer.

She follows their lead. If they seem quiet and sleepy, she uses quiet music and a short scripture reading. If they are more awake and alert, they join her in reading the Gospel of the day.   

This circle is open to all who choose to join. Sister Mary Jeanne must accommodate a daily change in the number of participants but is wonderfully flexible and adaptive.  

When we play the music on TV, we play hymns that are familiar to the Sisters. We make sure to show the lyrics, so they can read or sing along.  

Circle prayer in the morning has proved to be a very meaningful and spiritual activity for the Sisters. It helps them connect to their mission, intentions, each other, and themselvePrayer circle, Waterdowns!

Prayer Circle in Waterdown

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