Prayer for our Immigrant Neighbors

Triune God, 

In the midst of crisis, we are tempted to turn inward—
to hoard, to criticize, to bury our heads in the sand of individualism.
But this pandemic has confirmed what our faith has always taught:
Individualism is impossible and impractical; all of creation is interconnected.
Help us now to embrace one another in solidarity, as we reflect your Triune Unity.

We pray for peace, hope, and healing for all affected by COVID-19 
and the economic havoc it has wrought.

We pray especially for migrants and refugees, 
who are experiencing this new threat in addition to an ever-present fear of the unknown:
Undocumented workers, unable to feed their families and ineligible for government relief;
Asylum-seekers turned away at the border, unable to find safe haven;
DACA recipients in the United States, unsure whether they will be rejected by their homeland, 
despite recommendations to stay home.
Those in detention centers and migrant camps, unable to practice social distancing, 
without a home to speak of.

Triune God,

As we navigate this global crisis, may we be ever conscious of your spirit at work.
May we reject arbitrary divisions and counter injustice.
May we act together in solidarity and love,
recognizing that our connection to one another and our world
is our reflection of you.


A Prayer for Today


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