Province Caregiver Mary Tellis-Nayak

Mary Tellis-Nayak is truly a caregiver for 14 of our Sisters in and around Chicago. Having worked as a nurse for more than 40 years, Mary knows how to ensure the Sisters under her care are comfortable, cared for and safe where they are living.

“My phone is always on and I am always there for the Sisters,” Mary said. “Foremost in my mind is that the Sisters know that I am there for them any day, any time of day.”

As Wellness Nurse, Mary has regular contact with the Sisters under her care. “Before the pandemic, I would be checking with the Sisters regularly depending on their needs. I was the one who drove them to doctors’ visits, made sure their medication was administered correctly, made sure they had groceries and had support for their needs,” Mary said. As with all of us, Mary and her Sisters had to adjust the care they gave and received, but staying connected has been paramount. Whether it’s having Sisters help each
other with their medications and checking to make sure the Sisters are happy, healthy and safe, Mary knows the Sisters can trust and rely on her.

For the last two and half years, Mary has also helped Sisters transition to new living situations. “We always work together in making the decision to move to homes with more levels of care. From living independently, to memory care, to possibly a nursing care facility, I make sure the Sisters feel like the decision is the best one for their needs.”

Fortunately, Mary said all the Sisters in her care have completed their COVID-19 vaccinations. “I’m looking forward to seeing the Sisters again soon. It really is the highlight of my caretaking”.

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