Reading Laudato Si’ - #115

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115. Modern anthropocentrism has paradoxically ended up prizing technical thought over reality, since “the technological mind sees nature as an insensate order, as a cold body of facts, as a mere ‘given’, as an object of utility, … “Not only has God given the earth to man, who must use it with respect…”


We now shift our focus slightly to “The crisis and effects of modern anthropocentrism”, the belief that humans alone possess intrinsic value and everything else holds value only insofar as they serve humans. This is linked to the “technological mind” which sees the created world only in terms of its usefulness. The special place humans hold within creation is explored more deeply in later paragraphs. 


Do you see traces of this modern anthropocentrism within yourself? In your interaction with others? With creation? Where do you see its impact in society? How can we counteract it?

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