Reading Laudato Si’ - #117-118

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117. … Once the human being declares independence from reality and behaves with absolute dominion, the very foundations of our life begin to crumble, …

118. … When the human person is considered as simply one being among others, … then “our overall sense of responsibility wanes”… 


What is our relationship to the world? Consider the image of the gardener. “The gardener in nature is … a civilized human being: in control of his appetites, solicitous of nature, self-conscious and responsible, mindful of past and future, ...” (from chapter 10, “The Idea of a Garden” in Second Nature: A gardener’s education, by Michael Pollan, 1991)


There are many important things about our relationship with nature that can be learned through gardening. What is it you have learned? Share with others your gardening stories – the triumphs and failures

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