Reading Laudato Si’ - #130

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130. … While human intervention on plants and animals is permissible when it pertains to the necessities of human life, …The Catechism firmly states that human power has limits and that “it is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly”…


In this final section of chapter 3, Pope Francis touches on “New biological technologies”. In this paragraph, the focus is experimentation on animals. Our relationship to animals is complicated. Consider two stances: animal rights and animal welfare.  Animal welfare advocates for the health and safety of animals under human care; animal rights maintain that animals should be free and not under human care to begin with. Both agree that animals should not suffer or die needlessly. [source: IVO]


Discuss with other people the various attitudes to the animals in our lives. Consider this book review “Our conflicted relationship with animals” to get a glimpse at our complicated relationships with animals.

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