Reflections by Sisters

Reflections on Integral Ecology by Sister Kay O’Connell

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

I will finally grasp that I have no separate self. I am a single articulation of all that is. In that empowering realization I will hear Jesus inviting me to see all that I am, both conscious and unconscious, both artificial and authentic, both shallow and deep, as totally acceptable to him. He sees me not in parts but as one in myself and one with all beings, all one in him. I am an answer to his prayer that all be one. . . . I find my identity when I show up with Jesus to end prejudice, hate, greed, aggression and division in my own life and in the world. . . . With this spiritual commitment I already know what I will look like. My face will be that of Jesus Christ, my heart his.

Teilhard, as quoted by David Richo in Everything Ablaze, pp.40-41.

We are


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